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What does Customer Success Mean in the Telco Space?

8 March 2017

In recent years we see more and more companies establish “customer success” departments within their organizations. Is it a new fashion or a new way of looking at projects deployments?


How Telco Operators are Dealing with Mobile Trends in Emerging Markets?

16 January 2017

The world will have over 1 billion new phones by 2020 and most of them will be in emerging markets. This growing market creates unique challenges for Mobile Carriers in these markets and impact the Telco’s strategies. Revital Libfrand, MIND’s VP Cloud Solutions provides her perspective for 2017 Telecom trends. 

What’s So Complex about Telco Billing?

19 December 2016

With so many generic billing solutions available in the market, Rani Ron, MIND’s Director of Product Management provides his point of view about industry specific billing solutions focused on the Telco market.